[ Las Vegas ] A City of Mirages

[ 在充滿光, 影和秀場人生的地方 ]  也許握在手中的才是真實的.

In this city full of lights, gambling and show life, perhaps only those that you could hold in your hands are real. Well, this could mean the coins that you\'re holding or anything really I guess. ANYWAY,  this year\'s AARC congress we\'re in Las Vegas for the exhibition of the year. I guess for these annual congress, it\'s essential that... (continue reading...)

除了手中緊握的銅板外, 對人, 對事, 對物, 我想這也是最貼切不過的.  這次又跟著美國醫學年會到了沙漠中的賭城 - 拉斯維加斯. 這些年會真是會選地方, 一定都要選好玩的地方開年會+上課. 不過同樣是開會, 如能選個比較不無聊的, 這想法也是對的啦. 這次我們在這個像沙漠中的幻影中的瘋狂城市, 一切都看起來還...
...挺不真實. 這次在年會開始前, 剛好有朋友特別來 Las Vegas, 所以也特開心的. x)
現在才想到, 我和帥哥都沒合照耶.... (冏) 下次要補回來啦!

... the organizer pick a city that is fun and exciting. Otherwise people have less motivation or incentive to travel all the way there for classes or conference. But that being said, if you\'re going to be traveling to somewhere for classes or conferences, why not pick a city that can be fun as well. So that\'s why we were in San Antonio last year and Las Vegas this year. But things are more interesting for us this year with our own arrangements and friends visiting.

一下飛機到 Las Vegas 機場, 看到的就是吃角子老虎機, 還真是有點嚇到. 這地方還真是不放過任何賺錢機會啊.
The only airport where you\'d see lots of (or ANY) slot machines in the arrival and departure lounge must be Las Vegas. When I got off the airplane, the first thing I saw in the airport was this.

這次住的地方在 Las Vegas Convention Centre 旁的 Residence Inn by Marriott. 在超多高樓林立的賭城裡, 我們住在像 townhouse 的住家 style hotel 還真有點跳 tone. 不過比起 casion hotel 一到 lobby 或經過 casino 時就吵到不行, 我們那邊相對安靜, 也偏僻許多 (算遠離城囂吧).

This time we chose to stay at the Residence Inn by Marriott by the Convention Centre instead of the Hilton Convention Centre Hotel because we didn\'t want to have to walk through casinos everyday. The Residence Inn is just like residential complex with lots of houses like you see here. It is very contrasting comparing to those tall hotel buildings around or on the strip of Las Vegas. It is also pretty quiet and far from the noisy centre but pretty close to the Convention Centre (which was where we had to be most of the time).

輕旅行圖片-4 輕旅行圖片-5 輕旅行圖片-6 輕旅行圖片-7
輕旅行圖片-8  輕旅行圖片-9
我們住的是penthouse, 裡面有兩層樓, 也有廚房, 感覺就像一般的家. 外面有個游泳池, 不過在寒冬, 那只能擺著好看吧.
We had a penthouse on the upper floor. Didn\'t know there was no elevator but at least we didn\'t have to carry the luggages too far up. We had 2 floors, a full kitchen and a swimming pool outside.

第一天到 LV 晚上去了 Venetian (威尼斯人) Hotel. 
We arrived around dinner time on the first day. We went to Venetian for dinner.

雖然水的顏色有點假 (威尼斯的水哪是這種藍...), 不過, 如果不看那個, 這邊的燈光打得滿漂亮的.
Although the water looks a bit fake with that swimming-pool like blue, the Venetian is still pretty with its exotic exterior and atmospheric lighting.

I think the colour of this one looks more like the real Venice.

在威尼斯人 hotel 裡的水道, 兩旁是餐廳和店家.
Inside the Venetian Hotel. Beside the canal for the gondolas, there are also stores and restaurants around.

晚餐和 S. 就在威尼斯人 hotel 的 Zeffirino, 是個裝潢和氣氛都很不錯的餐廳. 
We had dinner at the Zeffirino in the Venetian. The interior design is quite classic and "Venetian".

輕旅行圖片-15  輕旅行圖片-16
樓上的空間很大, 靠窗的位置還可以看到 “威尼斯“ 的 ”街景".
There are lots of seats on the upper floor. If you have a table by the window, you could also have a pretty nice view of the "streets" of "Venice".

這邊的食物和 S. 點的酒都很不錯, 不過份量來說有點 "American" (就是超大盤的啦!).. 
The food here and the wine S. ordered were both quite good. But the portion was a bit "Americano" (huge).
隔天處理完 booth 和展覽的事情後我們就去訓練腳力啦. 從 Hofbrauhaus (沒錯!) Las Vegas 走到 Bellagio 那區, 再走到 人面獅身金字塔 Luxor. 這個有雲霄飛車的是紐約紐約.
After we were done with checking out the booth stuff on the 2nd day, we went around Las Vegas. We walked from Hofbrauhaus (more about it later) to the Bellagio area and then to Luxor. It was definitely quite a long walk but we survived! The place shown above is New York New York. The roller coaster on there look pretty scary.

在前往 Luxor 的路上經過了這個像迪士尼城堡縮小版的 hotel, 不過看起來就很假啦.. 工和裝潢都不是很細緻, 有點像是騙小孩的地方.
On our way to Luxor we passed by this mini Disney Castle-like hotel.  I think it looks a bit cheap and fake.. although I do give it credit for being "unique".
終於到了 Luxor 的金字塔.
Finally made our way to the glassy pyramid of Luxor.

在這裡面剛好有個鐵達尼號的特展, 展出的東西是從海底殘骸撈出來的一些東西, 這次時間是有點趕所以就沒進去看了, 希望以後可以在別的地方看到這個展.
There was an exhibition of the Titanic Artifact in here. Too bad we didn\'t have time to look at it. I hope I\'d be able to see it somewhere in the future.

Leaving from the tummy of the sphinx of Luxor.

輕旅行圖片-23 輕旅行圖片-24  輕旅行圖片-25
 1)  Luxor 外有古埃及 style 的一些雕刻.  2) 裡面的 check-in counter 一整排啦.  3) 之後在往回走到 Bellagio 時經過 The Crystals 裡面, 那 mall 裡面有個類似懸在空中的西餐廳, 設計還滿特別的.
1) The exterior decoration on the wall of Luxor.    2) The line of check-in counters in Luxor.  3) On our way back to Bellagio, we passed by a mall called The Crystals. There\'s a restaurant that looks as if it\'s "floating" in there. I thought that was a pretty interesting design.

The Crystals 的外面造型也很特殊, 還真的滿像結晶體的, 不過其實也滿像多倫多的那個 ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) 的造型. 看我之前關於 ROM 的 post:  [ Toronto ] Dino & Darwin in the Crystal ROM 
The exterior design of The Crystals is also very impressive. It looks very much like crystals. But actually the style looks like the ROM in Toronto as well. See my previous post on ROM:[ Toronto ] Dino & Darwin in the Crystal ROM 

走回去時天已經漸漸暗了, 經過 NYNY 時可看到 strip 上的 Paris Las Vegas  的巴黎鐵塔.
It was getting darker as we walked back to Bellagio. Passing by NYNY.

N 年前來時我們住在 Paris Las Vegas, 這也是個很有特色的酒店. 很有 "Paris" 的感覺. 裡面也是像威尼斯人 hotel 那樣, 只不過沒有 canal.
We stayed at the Paris Las Vegas when we first visited Las Vegas some years ago. The hotel is getting old but it still has the "Paris"-feel to it.

 輕旅行圖片-29 輕旅行圖片-30
到了 Bellagio , 要去拿晚上 O Show 的票啦. 可以看到對面 Paris Las Vegas 的全景, 很像香檳的顏色.
Finally at Bellagio. We were there for the famous O Show by Cirque du Soleil. From there you could see Paris Las Vegas in its glamourous Champagne colours.

Bellagio 裡面的裝飾有很多花, 也有很多聖誕的裝飾. 記得上次來這時, 我們在這一旁的 cafe 聽著鋼琴演奏者彈奏著蕭邦的華爾茲.
Inside the Bellagio, very "flowery" and ready for Christmas. I remember listening to a person playing Chopin\'s waltz last time we were here.

感覺很 elegant ... 很像皇后 (甚麼啦?!?) 的裝飾.
I think this deco looks pretty elegant. 

The "O" by Cirque du Soleil @ Bellagio  // 太陽劇團的 O 

晚上看的太陽劇團的 O Show 感覺上是還不錯, 不過這類的 performance 好像看多會覺得好像都差不多. 不過這次的 performance 除了有水上芭蕾和跳水表演 + 升降水舞台等比較不同於其他 Cirque du Soleil 的元素外,  一開始很像觀眾被抓上去念不能開手機/錄影/照相等的開場白, 開場的紅色 curtain 的方式 (very luscious), 中間不時安插的小丑在屋頂上的默劇 (房子被水淹沒, 成了一艘船),  和從天而降的大旋轉木馬等, 最後一幕沈入水中的鋼琴, 都還是很讓人感到驚喜, 充滿想像力的表演和藝術呈現方式, 讓夢境般的情景成為舞台上的一幕, 把特技表演用超乎想像的方式融入在劇情中, 我覺得這些是太陽劇團吸引人的地方.

We saw the O show by Cirque du Soleil at Bellagio. I think this one is unique in the sense that it includes a lot of water-sports/arts in its performance. Although a lot of the acrobatic performances are quite similar to other Cirque du Soleil shows, I think there are still a few scenes that stood out. For example, the way the red curtain flows and disappears into a distant point, the clowns on the roof of a flooded house, the wooden horses of merry-go-around descend from above and the piano that sank into the water, etc. I think many of its dream-like presentations and creative combination of acrobats, water ballet/sports and artistic elements are still impressive and fascinating. That\'s what makes Cirque du Soleil successful as well I think.

The "O" at Bellagio - Official Website 官網: http://www.cirquedusoleil.com/en/shows/o/default.aspx

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