[ Parksville ] Among the Tall and Old Trees

 [ 久違的神木叢林 ] 
Giant Douglas fir trees in the MacMillan Provincial Park on Vancouver Island. The trail in this park is not very long and easy to walk on. Because the trees here can be over 800 years old ( & thus are fragile), one of the things one... (continue reading...)

MacMillan 省立公園是個住滿了神木的地方, 在溫哥華島上, 離 Parksville 不遠的地方, 這邊有個不錯的步道, 但在這片綠色叢林裡, 要.... 
..... 注意附近的老樹, 可能在風一大時可能就會倒!

.....needs to look out for is falling trees!

The trail is not long (can probably finish in less than 40 mins), there\'s not much slope. It\'s an easy walk.
散步的步道沒有很長, 也沒有坡度, 很適合散步.

Need to be careful of fallen trees or trees falling when there\'s strong wind.
在這種叢林要注意的除了一些倒塌的樹, 還有如果有風時, 有些樹可能會倒.

Fungi growing on a fallen tree. 

It is almost primitive.

The trees here are not just old, they\'re pretty tall as well.
一仰頭望, 這邊的樹都很高!

The only kind of flower that you see here. There are not a lot of other kinds of flowers around.
這邊沒有什麼其他的花,  這種算最常看到的.

MacMillan Provincial Park
Location: Vancouver Island, Canada
Website: http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/bcparks/explore/parkpgs/macmillan/

 On the way back to our resort, we passed by Goats on the Roof. Basically it\'s like farmer\'s market place with hay on the roof so sometimes you\'d see goats on the roof. But no goats on the roof that day.
回 resort 的路上我們經過了這邊算有名的一個 market place, 這邊的羊有時是會跑到屋頂上去. 不過那天牠們都很乖.

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