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[ 在 1933, 沒有了血腥. 這是新的伸展台] 

1933 is not the name of a film; it was an abattoir built in the 1933, one of the largest of its kind in the world. It was commissioned by the Shanghai Municipal Council and designed by an English architect. The building is a masterpiece that took 3.3 million silver dollars to build. Nowadays, it has been transformed into a contemporary space for... (continue reading...)

19參III 不是個電影名稱, 這裡在 1930 年曾是有最新進設備和流程的屠宰場, 由英國設計師設計, 水泥由英國運來. 現在, 它拋棄過去的包袱, 在這你看到的是文藝與時尚的轉變. 除了高級餐廳, 設計師店面, 還有辦公室出租, 辦活動場地等的安排. 法拉力的 Owner\'s Club 也是在這. 這裡也是攝影愛好者會想來的....
... 的一個景點. 因為這 "景點" 還算新, 所以人來的不多, 如果有來也是有帶大砲來的專業人士, 那時我們就開玩笑說, 我們終於在上海找到了一個不用人擠人的地方啦!

.... private events, paries, exhibitions and conferences. It\'s also a complex that has shops, restaurants, cafes and office space for rent. The old heritage building is relatively new to the tourists\' map so there weren\'t many people around. Most of the people who were there were "feeding" their DSLRs with artsy photos of this place. So our conclusion was: if you\'re looking for a place in Shanghai where you are not forced to see a lot of people, this is the place (for now at least).

老場房建於 1933 年, 當時由工務局出資找來英國建築師設計. 據說當初建造這建築和購買設備的費用高達 白銀330多萬元, 全部用英國進口的混凝土結構蓋成. 外方內圓, 融合了東方與西方的設計思想.

目前這裡可辦品牌活動, 國際會議, 派對宴會和展覽市集. 除了這些暫時性的商業活動外, 這棟裡面還有許多設計品店面, 高級餐廳和辦公室.


中心園, 也就是建築的中心, 這是當初屠宰動物的地方. 我看 1933 的中英對照簡介, 屠宰和下面介紹的逃生梯在英文版就沒提到啦. 
The Atrium is the heart of the architecture. This was also where animals were slaughtered in the abattoir. The atrium is well linked in to the various workshops encircling it.


旋梯 - 如果你不知道這當初是個屠宰場, 你可能還會覺得這真的有那麼點歐洲教堂的優雅. 這個旋梯大約為一個人寬, 當初這是工人的逃生梯, 因為動物在被屠宰時會驚慌失措, 也可能會傷到人, 所以大角度的迴旋這可是有安全考量的.
The graceful spiral staircase around the atrium were actually the escape routes for workers working in the abattoir. Because animals could be dangerous when they were being slaughtered so these spiral staircase were designed to help workers escape in such emergency.


過去的牛道, 也就是給動物走的道.
So they say "the design of this abattoir and the production process was based on international best practices at the time." So cattle will walk to holding pens to eat for a while before they "meet their fate". The path was used exclusively by cattle.


The cattle path is has rough and anti-slip surface to prevent injuries.


Storage room for now?


門上的鎖很特別, 上面有 show “上海".
The lock on the door shows the Chinese character for "Shanghai".


超大的電梯, 可能也用來運車吧! 畢竟法拉力的車主俱樂部就在這.
A big elevator. Maybe you can put a car in there! After all, the Ferrari Owner\'s Club is here!


上面很多 office 空間還在整修中, 這些都算是可以租的吧.
On the upper floors, many office spaces were still being renovated. I think these are available for rent if you\'re looking for a small office.


在這棟建築裡其實有點容易迷路, 因為有太多交叉和看起來很不規則的天橋和小巷子. 而且現在比較沒什麼人所以, 要是在這自己一個人, 還真心裡有點怕怕的.
The interior of the building is a bit like a maze. There are many cross overs and small "alleys" and sky bridges . If you\'re there by yourself, you might be a bit scared if there were no other people around.


有些角落看下去就像個無底洞. 除了目前人氣還不高外, 裡面的空間燈打的不夠亮也讓人感到有點陰森. 雖然這邊是個很有藝術氣息的地方, 但我想, 如果我晚上來的話, 就像我們上海的友人說的, 這邊還是有點讓人感覺不太舒服.


許多空間還是閒置, 不過應該也在陸續整理了. 寬敞的空間是辦展的好地方.
A lot of spaces are still not used. But they\'re being cleaned up for hosting events. I suppose this would be a good place to hold an exhibition or show.



許多交錯的天橋, 這對物流來說是方便. 其實在這棟建築裡你可能會感覺有點暗和涼, 這是因為當初建這裡就考量到在炎熱夏天還是要保持較低的溫度.
The air bridges is the other photogenic architectural landscape. There are 4 verandahs and 26 bridges connecting the atrium to the other square. These bridges were built with different lengths to control the flow of animals in the abattoir. You may feel the inside of the building is cooler than the outside and a bit dark as well. This is part of the wonder of the building because the architect was able to design the building in a way to fulfill the building\'s original "function".


There are stores, cafes and restaurants in this complex now.


This place is full of character and a favourite for many photographers.
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