[ Amoy ] 鼓浪嶼的黑貓與花之聲

2016.01 鼓浪嶼

[老房子中的午餐] Dining in a Heritage Building

There are hundreds of heritage building on this tiny island. Many are still privately own residences, some have been converted into hotels, restaurants or shops,  others have been left to ruins. We didn't do some proper research into what to eat on this island so was just going to go to this supposedly famous restaurant on the island. We found the place only to... (continue in English here)

這次到鼓浪嶼沒做好功課,連要去哪邊吃飯都是在上渡輪前在渡輪站用免費 wifi 找的,那時找到一間很有歷史&列為廈門十大名餐廳的 "黑貓餐廳",網路上也是有看到一些不錯的評語,沒想到終於找到地址時,發現它已經沒在營業了,而且那著名的大古蹟建築其實看起來有點像個.....鬼屋,有點像是那個很久的一步電影 Casper (鬼馬小精靈)的那種場景..又大又氣派,但是就是空得嚇人啦。
...see it has no signs of being a restaurant that's still in operation. Actually it looks more like a deserted haunted house.


IMG_6670   IMG_6707
永春路 14 號原本的黑貓西餐廳位置,原名是黑貓舞場,原本是同安吳姓商人於1920年間開設的上流社會的娛樂場所,而且當時相當 popular. 看起來就相當氣派.
The Black Cat Restaurant's address is Yongchun Road 14. It used to be called the Black Cat Ballroom and was opened in the 1920s by a merchant as an entertainment house for the Upper Class of the time.


後來這棟樓再以黑貓餐廳開張,由一位屏東的台商和他香港做餐飲的夥伴做了起來,因台商洪先生收藏很多古董,其中也包含了一本一本1908年的菜單——閩浙總督當年在黑貓舞場宴請美軍艦隊的懷舊西餐菜單,許多網路上的評價與介紹都說這餐廳有許多珍藏&還原了 1920 年的古典&輝煌。

The mansion was again open to Public as the Black Cat Restaurant by a Taiwanese with the help of his business partner who specializes in food & beverages. The Taiwanese merchant collects thousands and thousands of antiques, including a menu from 1908 of an official banquet served at this mansion. Lots of travel blogs and websites still mentions how retro and classy this restaurant was and it showed what its glorious days were like back in the 1920s.


But none of the websites mentioned that this place is no longer open. You can no longer find the Black Cat Restaurant signs anywhere on the gates and the buliding. Don't know when it was gone but no one seems to mention it. It just looks like any other ruins on the island.



The only cats we see now are the real cats lazing around on the window sills. All these majestic mansions must have lots of fascinating stories. Would like to read all about it one day and take a longer stroll on the island.



The mansion across the Black Cat Restaurant is a private residence. Pretty monumental too but less classy.

2016.01 鼓浪嶼

When we were looking around for Black Cat Restaurant on Yongchun Road, we passed by this small B&B. Becaues the Black Cat Restaurant was gone and we didn't know where else to eat, we saw a cat sleeping on the back door of this hotel and decided to give it a try.

2016.01 鼓浪嶼

這間餐廳的老闆因為很想有一間鼓浪嶼的老別墅,和太太找了兩年才找到這間,因為初期並沒有特別想說要做家庭旅館 (鼓浪嶼上面應該已有一兩百家家庭旅館),只是想要修復老別墅,買下後又到澳門、天津、香港、上海等地去考察如何修復老別墅,回來後才開始規劃&動工。我覺得他們做的還不錯,感覺上真的很有溫馨的歐洲復古味。
The owner of this hotel didn't think about buying a mansion on this island to run a B&B. He and his wife just loves these old houses and would like to restore one to its original glamour. Although there are lots of old mansions like this falling into disrepair or maybe in need of attention, it took them about 2 years to find the match. Then the owner took another half a year to see how restoration is done on old buildings in cities like Macau, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tienjing and then started on the plan to restore this mansion. I think it's quite successful.

裡面的裝潢其實很英式, 後來看他們網站上的房間的style也差不多是這樣。
The interior decor is European. Saw on their website that the rooms are like this too but each room is a bit different and has a different theme.


因為沒什麼餐可以選,所以就點了個應該比較 safe 的咖喱飯&滷肉飯. 食物是 ok only. 不過 hotel 裡有 free wifi 實在太感謝了。
There wasn't much choice so we just ordered something more standard. The food is just ok to soso here.
The hotel has free wifi so we were glad that we could download the map again to figure out where to go next.



花之聲度假旅館 Blossom Resort
A: 福建省厦门市思明区永春路12号. NO. 12 Yongchun Road, Gulangyu, Xiamen.
W: http://www.blossomxm.com


The other steet around the area.

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