[ 台中 ] 必去的眼科及銀行


[ 古色古香的文創 ] 
An exotic oriental twist to the Taiwanese history and snacks.

In Taichung, there are several interesting heritage buildings that were rescued from ruins and turned into chic places for local snacks, souvenir and dining. The Miyahara is one notable place for most to visit. This used to be an optomology clinic during the Japanese occupation era. Dating back to 1927, this...(continue in English here).

來到台中, 大部分的人都會問到你是否有去宮原眼科? 這個一度成為將被拆除的廢墟,被重新定位成個很復古但又很時尚的台灣物產店,一推開大門,就像進入了大觀園,一切的視覺...... 刺激&新舊衝擊都會讓你耳目一新!
place had its glorious days and its dark days. It was once ordered to be demolished because it was in a very poor condition. Then it was rescued and transformed into a multi-purpose complex combining stores promoting local snacks and restaurants.

一樓一進去的大廳在假日滿滿都是人,上圖的這區主要是賣鳳梨酥&糕餅類的 omiyage. 有些包裝看起來還滿像書!
When you go in on a weekend, the place is filled with people! The ground floor display areas are selling traditional Taiwanese snacks such as pineapple cakes and the local snacks. & The packaging is very impressive as well.






Displaying products like a library and everything on the shelf will attract your attention.



這邊有面透明玻璃窗可看到隔壁外面大排長龍的宮原眼科冰淇淋店的人潮,這邊這個小 counter 是給客制版冰淇林的客人. 後面的黑牆上的梅花是利用傳統交陶的工藝來結合現代的設計。
The ice-cream parlour here is also very popular (usually will need to expect a 20-min queue). The plum flower decor in the background utilizes the same traditional art found in temples.



因為樓下太多人&又到中餐時間,所以我們上 2F的 "醉月樓沙龍" 用中餐 (其實也已經 past 中餐時間了...), 
這邊 4樓還有另外一間餐廳 "摘星樓", 但醉月樓的 menu 比較符合我們當時的胃口, 所以就選這個了~
We went to the "Moon Pavilion" on the second floor for lunch. There's another restaurant on the 4th floor (The Star Pavilion).

DSC_2277 DSC_2276
我們點了個海鮮燉飯 & 一組茶食拼盤 (可從它的茶食菜單中選三樣 - 我們就選了蘿蔔糕、花枝丸&台中的特產之一 - 麻尹棒.
The items on the menu is a mix of the western and the Taiwanese. We ordered a seafood risotto and a traditional tea snack set (choose 3 items from a list of traditional snacks).



我們還點了一個杏仁茶 (可選搭配太陽餅或油條), 分量還滿大的, 可以兩個人喝. 一旁的芝麻是你可以自己磨完後放進杏仁茶中.
We also ordered the almond tea with the "Sun Cake".




DSC_2303 DSC_2294 



在 3F 廁所門外有些關於宮原眼科前世的歷史&經歷圖文說明。這個眼科診所初期是在 1927 年日據時代的一位日本眼科醫師所開,接著這棟建築也經歷許多變化,有不同的商店和機關團體進駐,曾經風光一時,但也在1999 年的921大地震&之後的一些強烈颱風受重創,曾一度被行文拆除,最後被以“現況保存”&“新舊並置" 的在原本的建築上加上了新的元素。
The washroom is on the 3rd floor (also some interesting design). Outside of the washroom are boards displaying the history and story of the building.



一進門很像英國 Harrods 百貨公司的陳列&賣巧克力等甜點。
When you enter the Miyahara, you'll be wowed by the display and the people. It feels a bit like the Harrods in London (but with a very oriental twist to it).



也有人說一進來很像到了 Harry Potter land, 整面牆的書架+貓頭鷹/鳥 +這種氣勢!
Some people think this place is a bit like scenes in Harry Potter (tall book shelves, the design, the colours and the owls!)



Combining the old and the new.

宮原眼科  Miyahara
W: http://www.miyahara.com.tw/
A: 台中市中區中山路 20 號  (No.20 Zhongshan Rd, Central District, Taichung)




出了大門我們要往另一個特色店去! 過橋經過看下去的一景.
Crossing a bridge over a canal outside of Miyahara (so much more intersting with the statues eh?)



另外一個走路可以到的是同樣日出的 "台中市第四信用合作社". 但到這邊 - 主要就是吃冰! 建築外觀看起來也是很有廢墟的 fu & 有像大保險庫的門!
Another interesting place transformed by the same group is the Taichung No. 4 Credit Bank (my literal translation).



假日下午實在太多太多人了, 所以我們站在門口區看一看後算了, 改天再來. 
There were too many people on weekends so we decided to skip this time.



裏面有點像百貨公司的櫃位,每個櫃都是不同主題的冰品或其他食物(這些 option 不多). 裏面的設計還保留了滿多 "銀行"的特色.
There are different stalls selling different themes of snacks and "ice" products. There's 3 floors that you could walk around. The interior designs incorporates elements of a "bank".



台中市第四信用合作社 Taichung No.4 Bank
W: https://www.facebook.com/tc4cbank
A: 台中市中區中山路72號  (No. 72, Zhongshan Road, Central Dist., Taichung)