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[ San Antonio ] Extravaganza

 [ 德州的一顆鑽石 ]  San Antonio before Christmas.

I thought I would find only cowboys and a vast yellowness here. But something else awaited me in San Antonio, namely the sparkling beauty of this exotic New World city and the plaguing... (continue reading... )

 我以為在這只會看到牛仔和一片荒蕪的黃土, 沒想到這裡卻是如此的閃閃發亮. 除了有很西班牙殖民地風情的建築和古蹟, 位在美國德州的聖安東尼奧 (San Antonio) 在聖誕前夕更是被點綴地如天上不小心灑下了各色的....

 .... 耀眼碎鑽. 只可惜這邊的溫度在第一天就直逼 0 下度數,  我就在第一天, 還沒上工前就感冒了 (該死的房間不會熱的暖爐).  結果就是很慘的在這麼美麗的地方除了工作外沒做什麼的過了短短的四天.

... (which I exaggerated a bit too much with that word) cold I got on the first day, before I even got on to working (I blame that on the useless heater on the first night in the hotel room). So we were here for a short stay, considering we traveled a long way.

話說 San Antonio 在哪呢? 其實我到上飛機前還不知道. 從台北飛到 LA (11 hours), 等差不多三個小時再從 LA 飛到 San Antonio (再 3 個小時). 這個城市大概有三百多年的歷史, 早期是由西班牙統治 (哥倫布發現新大陸等), 接下來就是擺脫墨西哥的侵擾, 最後變成美國的一部分 (有點太 overgeneralized 的歷史.. 不過大概就是這樣).

So where\'s San Antonio? Actually I had no idea until I got to the place. San Antonio is a city about 300 years old. It was colonized by the Spanish. It later had wars with Mexico and became part of the Republic of Texas and then here it is now as a States of Texas city. A bit too overgeneralized in terms of history but yah..

這次來又是為了另外一個醫學學會的研討會. 有展覽的三天都在這個看起來很新, 但又有漂亮Byzantine-like 壁畫的 Convention Center 裡.
Here I am for another medical society congress. 4 days of congress with 3 days of exhibitions in this relatively "fresh" looking convention center.

Convention Center 裡可以很安靜吃東西的地方, 有點像校園建築的走廊, 讓我突然很想念在 UBC 的日子.
A quiet place in the Convention Center. It was a bit like the hallway in our old university buildings, which made me missed a bit of my university days.

RT & 醫師們來這邊主要是進修, 了解 "產業"相關新動態. 但也不忘了加點娛樂的氣氛.
Although most congress attendees (mostly RTs and physicians) are here to catch up on the latest "industry" news or learning on specific subjects or research findings, you just have to add some entertainment to this.


Flashing colors of the dancers.



Landmarks in the city center.



The older looking buildings of the city.


A bit New Yorker in style but looks much cleaner.


Paseo del Rio - The famously beautiful River Walk that I failed to capture its beauty. San Antonio has a 2-3 mile stretch of Walks like this with stores and restaurants lined along the man-made canal that was made to control the flood of the San Antonio River back in the older days. But I suppose these were then used as a transporation canal later on like the ones in Birmingham, UK (earlier post:Birmingham City Center Canals) with more focus on the commerce along the shores part.

聖安東尼奧最美的點之一就是這長達 2-3 miles 的河邊步道, 步道兩旁為商家和餐廳. 是個很熱鬧的地方. 這人工河道最早是為了紓解當地淹水的問題, 最後慢慢演變成一個商業 hub.


輕旅行圖片-10 輕旅行圖片-11 輕旅行圖片-12
Rivercenter Mall. 話說這邊的 mall 裡面裝飾得也很華麗. 而且還有景觀!
這邊的 "river canal" 還有觀光船遊到這邊繞一圈. 有點整座城市像迪士奈樂園的感覺.

The Mall that was just beside the hotel where we were staying at and within 5-min walking distance from the Convention Center. The Mall is just like any other North American malls with the same if not similar kinds of stores. But here you also get pretty nice view. The river canal brings tourists on the sightseeing boats to this place to make a U-turn. The city felt a bit like a giant amusement park.


某天在 Rivercenter Mall 裡面的 Food Court 晚餐.
Some food court dinner.


Le Midi - 一間新開不久的法國餐廳. 去的時候沒什麼人, 不過料理是真的不錯.
The restaurant where we had one evening of French dinner. There weren\'t many people but I heard it\'s quite new so yah.. Anyway, it was delicious!



Passed by a small museum about Texas on our way back from the hotel to the drug store.


The interesting deco on the museum building.

  輕旅行圖片-17 輕旅行圖片-18

到處充滿了聖誕節的氣氛. 第二天超冰冷的晚上草草地經過了 River Walk (河邊的步道), 看起來超美的不過我卻沒機會去了 (養病要緊). 但沒想到只有第一天才是超低溫, 接下來幾天外出都還 ok 但我不行啦..

There were Christmas decorations everywhere and I just love the whole coziness feel of Christmas time. We briefly passed by the River Walks on our way back to the hotel. It looked so dreamy and fantastic but too bad I didn\'t get to walk around there this time. My cold (or flu?!) was getting pretty severe and the least thing I want to do is get myself hospitalized here. & Guess what was ironic? The temperature rose in the next few days.


The Alamo - first established in 1718 as a way station between east Texas and Mexico. The church-facade is the most photographed scene here.

建立於 1718 - 這曾是德州東部和墨西哥往來主要會經過的地方. 這看似舊教堂的主牆是這做多觀光客一定會照的景.


The Alamo - The long barracks of the original fort. We didn\'t know what this place was but we suspected that it had some military function because it looks quite similar to the many other medieval fortifications that we saw ealsewhere.  Somehow, the orientation of things around this area reminds me of the Cardiff Castle in Wales.

三百多年前的軍事地點. 乍看還真有點像英國中古世紀的 fortification . & 不知道為什麼站在 Alamo 前面突然覺得這地方的方位和周圍的建築&擺飾等有點像英國威爾斯的卡地夫城堡 (Cardiff Castle).


Have to kinda "de-frost" our ears after coming back from a walk outside in the evening.

  輕旅行圖片-22 輕旅行圖片-23

Photo1: The hotel we stayed at. It was pretty good for its price and location.
2. The condos above the Grand Hyatt Hotel opposite from our hotel are still for sale at about 350,000.

我們在 San Antonio 這幾天住的 hotel 就地點,價位和房間來說算是不錯. 其實 San Antonio 也不算太大所以走路還算ok.


The swimming pool in the hotel viewed from our room on the 8th floor.
La Quinta Inn & Suites San Antonio Convention Center: Website

San Antonio Tourism Official Website (旅遊官網): http://visitsanantonio.com/

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    聖安東尼奧最美的景點之一是長達2-3英里的河邊步道,名為Paseo del Rio。

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