[ Abu Dhabi ] Village, Mosque and Lobster

[ 我度蜜月的地方一定要有這麼漂亮的海 ]  
Second Manhattan with a More Beautiful View

I\'ve never imagined Abu Dhabi would be anything like this. It just used to be a stop-over place for long-haul flights from Asia to Europe. Besides this beautiful ocean front, there\'s also a mosque that would really take your breath away. The Mosque is...(continue reading... )

之前對阿布達比是甚麼地方完全沒甚麼概念, 因為只是那時飛歐洲國家中間飛機會中途下去加油的地方, 這次才看到原來阿布達比的海邊有個人稱另一個曼哈頓的地方, 只不過那水的顏色實在太美了. 阿布達比還有個非常讓人驚歎的美麗清真寺, 是目前全球...
... 第八大的清真寺. 遠遠就可以看到那純白的建築, 但沒有想到的是裡面的美是外面所看不到的.

... now ranked the eighth largest mosque in the world. You could see its white fortress-like monumental structure from faraway. But what you cannot see from the outside is the marvelous beauty enclosed within.

海邊有個 heritage village, 這裡有點像是文化村的感覺. 裡面展示一些當地的傳統建築和生活物品.
By the ocean is a heritage village with reconstructions of the local buildings and things local use or used.

這是傳統的風塔, 在沒有冷氣這種東西時, 當地人就有這種風塔的建築, 算是天然的冷氣機.
When there are no air-conditioner, these wind towers were built in a way to collect wind and function like a natural air-conditioner.

這博物館裡面 show 的一張照片可有意思, 這是1950 年代的阿布達比, 可以看到幾乎沒有甚麼東西... 但是看看現在, 一切都太不一樣了.
This museum shows a photo of Abu Dhabi in the 1950s. You can see there wasn\'t much around. Just a few settlements. But now you look around, time has really changed.

Some of the tools and sorting equipments used in pearl trade back in the old days.

海邊的顏色實在太美了, 簡直像夢境一般.
The colour of the ocean is just unbelievably pretty. It looks almost like a dream.

而且真的還有那麼點曼哈頓的 feel, 只不過這邊看起來純潔多了.. 呵.
It does look a bit like Manhattan in some sense. But it looks much cleaner here.

Woman by the ocean.

Lots of cute ducks around here.

This is the largest flag in the world.

We went to a seafood restaurant in the fisherman\'s market area.

裡面真的是好花啊, 好多東西喔!
There are a lot of yummy things in here. Lots of things to choose from.

The interior deco is also quite middle eastern.

But the spotlight of this meal is the large BBQ lobster that everyone gets.

When the lobsters for each table came with a wooden ship with the waiter, it\'s accompanied by some tiny fireworks on the ship.

每餐的 buffet 都有讓人看得眼花撩亂的甜點, 看起來都很好吃, 但吃多了會膩. 這只是我們拿的一小點.
Every buffet meal, there were so many delicious-looking dessert. But there\'s only so much we could eat before we got sick of them. We ended up taking a only tiny bit of what was offered.

After lunch, we were on our way to another landmark in Abu Dhabi: Sheikh Zayed  Grand Mosque.

Every dome is sacred.

趁當地人來進行每天的朝拜前, 我們進入了清真寺的主要建築. 到了當地人朝拜的時候清真寺一般人就不能進去了.
Before the people came to pray, we were able to enter the mosque to see the magnificent work inside. They\'ll get all the non-Muslim people out when it\'s prayer time.

這世界第八大的清真寺於 2007 年底開放給信徒朝拜.
This eighth largest mosque in the world was open to worshippers in December 2007.

進入這清真寺前, 女士都必須披上黑色服和圍上黑色頭巾.  頭巾掉下來, 可能還會被驅逐出去. 
Before entering the mosque, every girl, regardless of religion and race, has to wear their black gown and place the black veil over the head/hair. If you drop it or don\'t follow it, you\'d get kicked out basically. They\'re pretty strict on that.

伊斯蘭教是不信任何實體的神, 所以在他們的清真寺裡看不到佛像. 他們相信他們的真主阿拉無所不在.
Muslims do not believe in any physical shape of their god. They believe their Allah is everywhere so you won\'t find any statues of gods in their mosque.

腳下的這片地毯是由 1,200 多名伊朗的女人在此手工織成的! 總共花了 18 個月完成. 
這地毯 (5,626 平方米) 也是世界上最大的手工地毯. 大概有一個足球場大.
The carpet in here was done by 1,200 Iranian women by hand and took 18 months to complete.
This carpet is also the largest hand-woven carpet in the world. It\'s 5,626 square meters and the size of a soccer field.

The gold things you see in this mosque are all real gold.
裡面有世界最大的水晶燈, 而且是Swarovski 的水晶燈!
The world\'s largest crystal chandelier is here. It\'s a work of Swarovski.

高尚的奢華, 每個角落都是藝術.
Devoting the best. Every corner is filled with arts and high craftsmanship.

The details of window art.

男生就不用全部蓋起來, 女生卻必須全部用黑步蓋起來. 有一種說法是說這傳統是當時因為這邊的有太多美女, 所以鄰國會因搶女人而發生部落與部落等的衝突和戰爭, 所以最簡單的方式就是女生全部都蒙面, 全部都蓋起來.
Guys don\'t need to be covered up but girls do. Some said that was because the girls in the middle east are so pretty that they were causing mens\' wars. So the best way to keep people in peace was to have all the girls cover themselves up. Seems like this might be an overgeneralization but makes some sense undeniably I suppose.

The bright colours outside will make sunglasses a necessity.

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