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 [ 融合風雨光之影的一棟會呼吸的原始建築 ]

To have an architecture being "organic" or able to "breathe" seems to be the trend. Deep in the mountains of Miao-li, we had our weekend co. annual trip to the Tai\'an hotspring valley and stayed at the Onsen Papawaqa Resort. Instead of... (continue reading...)

這次的公司旅遊有四個行程, 不過我們選了個幾乎沒有甚麼行程的行程, 也就是其他人所謂的"豪華奢侈團". 奢侈不在金錢, 而是在時間對景點數的 ratio. 年紀越大會越能瞭解為什麼大人會說...
... 玩比工作還累. 所以這次我們走的是輕鬆路線. 滿滿的遊覽車載著我們前往苗栗.

.... having lots of attraction stops, this time we only had 3 major ones: Dahu - Strawberry Place, Onsen Papawaqa and White Wood House cake factory. It\'s a trip that many thought was a joke because basically had no grandiose itinerary and our main focus centered around the hotspring resort. But I guess when people get older, they do understand that sometimes to have fun on a trip doesn\'t mean you need to beat as many attractions as possible. Sometimes that makes you too exhausted that you feel you might had been better off not going. So this time, we took things slowly.

傍晚到了泰安觀止, 也就是我們這趟旅程的主要景點, 可以看到這棟看起來像是還沒完工的建築的外觀是由水泥, 玻璃和爬藤所構成. 噴的水霧讓這棟建築看起來更像個活著的生命體.
We arrived at Onsen Papawaqa around late afternoon. Aside from the fact that the building looks unfinished, you can also notice 3 major elements: raw concrete, mirror-like glass and lots of green and wood. The building does look alive!


房門外的走廊是很 open 的, 所以你可以感受到外面的陽光和影子在水泥牆的變化. 而且看這棟建築的影片時,說下雨時走在這邊更有意境. 男生會幫女生撐著雨傘在經過這段走廊到房間時, 男生會貼心的幫女生抖掉衣服上的雨滴, 讓女生感到心中很久沒有感受到的內心的溫暖和男生的在乎...

哇咧.. 聽到這段我感到肉麻的想吐. 因為建築師(?) 想太多啦!! 女生應該會說,  可惡.. 你害我淋到雨啦!然後男生會氣急敗壞的說: 甚麼! 不然等一下換妳走靠外面那邊.  LOL...
The hall way is entirely open as well. You can feel the sunlight, the air, the sounds of the natural landscape. It was said that this building was built after the architecture/designer spent days and months documenting the pattern of lights and rain to create an architecture that would maximize the natural beauty aspects.


我們住在這間房間, 聽說是馬總統來這時住的同一間 (不知道是不是有人在蓋啦...) 
We stayed in room 206, one of the larger rooms at this hotel.


我們的房間內景. 裡面的泡澡間和廁所都是沒有門的. 全都是用一片厚的門簾隔起來的.Our room inside. There are no doors inside the room for  bathroom and toilet. There\'s only a thick curtain.


The floor of the bathroom is this kind of wood. Feels pretty "down-to-earth" too.


Somewhere to put your soap.


房間內泡熱水和泡冷水的 "池子".
A hotspring tub and a cold spring tub. 


戶外的許多可以穿泳衣下去泡的溫泉池和游泳池. 還可以坐在下面的吧台無限暢飲.
The outdoor hotspring pools and swimming pools. You can also get all-you-can-drink refreshments at the outdoor bar. 


如果照的角度對的話, 這個長條游泳池看起來應該像是無邊際的那種. 聽說這游泳池比日月潭涵碧樓的還長.
If taken from the right angle, this swimming pool will actually look like there\'s no edge to it. 


飯店的 lobby. 裡面看起來有很原始的顏色但又感覺很時尚. Check-in 的檯還是一大塊沒有上漆的木頭. 設計師說 這樣這塊木頭才能呼吸.
The hotel lobby also looks very modern but "primitive" or "natural". The check-in counter is a huge block of wood unpainted. The designer said that it was meant to be that way so that the wood can "breathe" as well.


 泰安觀止晚上的夜景. 這棟建築真的是讓人驚艷. 看起來有點原始 & 像未完工... 但又很有設計感.
Onsen Papawaqa at night. I think this building is amazing. It looks very primitive and "unfinished" in a sense. But at the same time, it also feels very designed and modern.


The glassy part of the building at night with dim lights coming out from it.


從附近的橋上看這塊金塊. 附近真的是黑漆漆的, 路燈少之又少. 山是一整塊黑... 伸手不見五指的那種. 而且光害比較少, 可以看到滿天的星星!
Viewing the main building of Onsen Papawaqa from a bridge nearby. The building looks like one shiny golden brick. All the other areas around it is pitch dark. Hardly any street lamps and you probably won\'t be able to see your fingers in the dark. But the good thing is you can see a clear sky of stars when the weather is good.

早上在五樓吃早餐看到這建築真的不是清水模. 它是真的沒有建完.. 故意沒建完的那種. 完全沒有 polish.
Finally noticed the building itself is actually not fair face concrete (a special kind of architecture with a special formula for concrete mixture that requires no extra finishing/painting/tiling after; the building can "breathe" and looks very natural). It\'s intentionally left unfinished to expose the concrete walls. No polish as well. It was left there naturally.


天氣很好的星期天早上, 泰安觀止的玻璃牆可以看到一片綠意盎然.
The building on a very sunny Sunday morning. The glass reflects the greenery of nearby landscape.


W: http://www.papawaqa.com.tw
A: 苗栗縣泰安鄉錦水村圓墩58號 
58 Yuandun, Jishvei Village, Tai-an Shiang, Miaoli County, Taiwan.

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