[ Tokyo ] A Day in Midtown and Roppongi

[ 六本木的聖誕銀河 ]  Starlight Garden in Tokyo Midtown

Christmas Illumination seems to be a big thing in Tokyo. Many parts of the cities you can really feel the X\'mas spirit with all the crazy lights. We spent a whole day in Tokyo Midtown. The place is... (continue reading...)

有人曾說, 生活的最高藝術是留白. 只有留白才能彰顯一副作品的突出; 只有瞬間凝結的無聲, 才能感受到音樂震撼的張力. 在聖誕燈節結束前的最後一天, 我們在六本木的 Tokyo Midtown 待....
... 了一整天, 等待晚上的精彩聖誕燈飾. 我覺得在東京比台北更能感受到過聖誕節的氣氛, 但不是說店家到處都在唱 Santa Claus is coming to town 之類的, 而是整個城市好像都有聖誕燈.

... not exactly big. But it\'s one of those places that people can slow down and just wonder around for the whole day. You might find it to be a difficult to believe.. because after all, who wants to spend all day at a kind of shopping-mall complex for the whole day in Tokyo when one could go zoom zoom to all the awesome + fun places in the big city? But as what someone used to say, the greatest art to living is to save some spaces for doing nothing. 

這就是我上篇提到的新的松山機場 airline lounge. 看起來就是很 designed & 新.
This is the new airline lounge in the Taipei Songshan Airport that I mentioned in the previous post. Taipei Songshan Airport is located in the heart of Taipei City. For the past few decades, because of its size and "oldness", the Taipei Songshan Airport has become a domestic flight terminal. But with the completion of High Speed Rail, the demand for domestic flight was significantly reduced and with the open-up of direct flights to mainland China,  its convenient location was highly valued and so the airport was opened up for direct flights to China and other nearby Asian cities like Tokyo.

松山機場裡面加了許多大張的台灣行銷照片, 但建築本身實在是舊到不行. 說實在的這當國際線的大門實在有點遺憾. 該說之前的人是沒遠見嗎? 還是要說其實就是想要外國人來看古蹟?... hmm..
The old airport sort of just started its renovation before it was opened for direct flights to China and other Asian cities. Don\'t think it knew it\'d one day become an international airport again so you might think this airport is a bit behind its time. Nevertheless, things are changing slowly I think.

先跳到第一天在新宿附近逛的街景. 新宿的 shopping 區也是聖誕燈滿滿.
We were staying in the Shinjuku area. The place is full of mega shopping malls and stores. it\'s also very convenient in terms of transportation (main rail lines and metro lines). The shopping areas were all very decorated for some Christmas spirits.

很不一樣的 pattern. 
Some of the more ornate decoration pattern.

輕旅行圖片-6 輕旅行圖片-7
The city in lights.

第二天就是到六本木的日子, 從都廳前站到六本木其實沒幾站, 還算滿 close 的.
而這個國立新美術館是這次的遺憾. 列為下次必去之點 no. 2.
The second day was the day for Roppongi excursion. The metro station is only a few stations away from our hotel\'s closet metro. And the museum in the photo is something we missed this time due to renovation so this is a must-visit for the next trip.

Tokyo Midtown Galleria and Terrace 是個購物+商辦+藝術空間的 complex. 裡面的顏色是很柔和的木頭色, 也比較沒有壓迫感.  (有點像台北的京站, 只不過京站的顏色比較深了點 & 空間也沒那麼寬敞).
The Tokyo Midtown complex is a combination of shopping + business buliding + art galleries. The interior decoration utilized a lot of the warmer colours and wood/bamboo. The place is also quite spacious as well.

The Santa Tree.

很多不規則但又帶有規則性的設計. 樓上還有三多利美術館, 不過我們的運氣超好, 它剛好也修館.
The building and interior design.

Midtown 裡連吸煙間都很有格調.
Even the smoking room in here is pretty chic.

有空間可伸展才能呼吸. 在這看出去的是後面的一大片草皮和藝術花園. 也是晚上聖誕燈的舞台.
The building gives you a lot of places to breathe. From this large window, you see the back garden with designer sculptures and lots of greenery. This was also the stage for the evening Christmas illumination show.

地下室的一個裝飾藝術, 不過很多小朋友很喜歡往裡面的一個洞爬 (小朋友都喜歡看到洞就爬嘛?!), 然後外面就會擠一堆要照小朋友的人, 所以要照這個藝術品的 solo 照那時是 impossible 啦.
Art fills the space. There\'s a sort of "opening" ( or "cave") on the other side of this piece, so kids would dive into it.

The other space is full of light.

大蜘蛛仔在六本木之丘上, 是個來到這必照的景點之一. 但六本木之丘那邊的感覺和 Midtown 差很多, 感覺上比較凌亂.
The big spider on Roppongi Hills. The area around Roppongi Hills is a bit more messy/disorganized compare to Midtown.

太陽要下山時, 也是我們要走回 Midtown 看聖誕燈的時候, 這時剛好看到遠方的東京鐵塔微微的發著光.
But from there you can go to the observation deck and view the city below or catch a glimpse of the Tokyo Tower from outside of the shopping complex.

我桌上的東京鐵塔可能要漆成這個顏色比較像東京鐵塔, 不然人家看到都以為是巴黎鐵塔.
I made a Tokyo Tower lamp some time ago but people always thought it was an Eiffel Tower. I guess what makes a Tokyo Tower a Tokyo Tower is its colours as well.

在 Midtown 的聖誕燈算是有名, 因為它很壯觀 (如果你站對位子的話), 而且它會有一些主題的變化.
Christmas Midtown Illumination is quite famous. They even have an illumination guide printed to tell you about the route that you should take to see the illuminations.

這次的感覺就是宇宙星辰. 但這張是沒戴眼鏡看到的世界, 所謂的朦朧美嗎?! 
The Starlight Garden in a blur. It\'s a Christmas light show that starts around mid November and ends one day after Christmas Day. So we were there on its last day to capture the last Christmas lights of 2010.

這邊有錄到一點點的 video, 但人實在太多啦, 而且大家得順著一個方向走, 所以就只能先拍到這角度啦.
I recorded a bit of the Starlight Garden here. The shooting angle wasn\'t too good and there were too many people around so I guess at least you can catch a glimpse of it.

21_21 Design Sight 的建築晚上看起來也很特別. 這也是安藤忠雄的作品喔. 
The 21_21 Design Sight illuminated at night. This is a work of the famous Tadao Ando.

Other building by Tadao Ando visited:
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