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[ 香港歷史博物館 ] Back in History

Someone said it\'s not surprising that Hong Kong would have such a museum to document its history so completely because its previous colonizer is so good at building museums. But for a museum of this size and quality, it.... (continue reading...)

有人說英國人打造博物館最行了, 所以香港有這樣不錯的博物館應該不是個 surprise 吧. 不過, 我想說的 surprise 是, 這樣不錯+面積還滿大的博物館居然是香港人口密集度超低的地方 (也就是沒什麼人啦!) 真是沙漠中的一片綠地啊. 館內分許多區, 最少應該有需要.... 
... 一個小時吧. 在裡面也滿像到了類似台灣故事館的地方, 滿多都是用重新蓋出當時的氛圍的方式去展示過去.

.... quite surprising that there weren\'t many people around. I guess people, after all, are more into the shopping part. The museum feels a bit likeTaiwan Storyland with its real-size reconstructions of buildings and streets. But still leaning more towards a museum than a photo place.

走往博物館的天橋, 下面都是車, 但這應該還算 ok 的路況.
On the way to the museum. The traffic here is not as bad.

香港歷史博物館在香港這寸土寸金的地方意外的大, 看展的人卻不多. 一進去就先從香港的地理和生態環境開始講起.
The museum is quite large and there weren\'t many people in there. It covers everything about HK starting from the geographical explanations.

連石器時代都有. 這邊的展示方式感覺滿像加拿大維多利亞的皇家博物館 (Royal Museum).
Displaying history of stone tool makers and teh earlier inhabitants on this island. The display style is quite similar to the Royal Museum in Victoria, Canada.

裡面還有所謂的 chinese junk (一種有兩片橘紅布帆的舊船).
The museum also displays a model of the chinese junk (a kind of old boat).

滿滿都是包子的塔, 這較包山, 這邊過去有個儀式在半夜 12 大家會爬上這包山去搶這些祭神和可以帶來好運的包子. 不過 1978 年的包山倒塌意外後, 這個活動就因危險而被禁止了.
Bun Towers - these huge towers are covered in steamed buns as offerings to gods during a festival. At the end of the festival, people would scramble to grab the buns from this tower as these buns are believed to bring good luck. But after an accident in 1978 that got many people injured, this practice has been suspended.

Traditional movable performing arts back stage.

後台化裝的假人, 有點可怕吧.
This is not a real human putting on make up at the back stage. A bit creepy eh?

博物館的一角, 主題是比較民俗類相關.
A corner in the museum. The focus is on traditional and regional practices.

到了樓上也就到了另一個時代, 這是鴉片戰爭的時代.
When we went to the upstair galleries, it showed a different period in HK history. This is before and after the opium war.

仿出維多利亞時期的海港. 那港口的水做的和真的一樣!
A harbour that looks like those during the Victorian era. The water is not real water by the way but it looks so real.

A street filled with stores exhibiting the kind of business that flourished during the colonial time.

整條街上都是一些小的店和展示解說, 感覺很身歷其境.
The street is filled with all kinds of stores and explanation on these stores. You\'d feel like you\'re walking in history.

過去的黑白照片還真是有點嚇人, 不過這張街景很有電影 “十月圍城“ 的感覺.
The black and white documentary photos of the time look a bit scary. But I think the movie "Body Guards and Assassins" did a pretty realistic reconstruction of the era.

Going down the stairs back to the main exhibitor floor is like walking through someone\'s back alley.

Then there was the exhibits on Japanese occupation. 

Documenting the rise of Chinese elite groups and their living style.

這區是展覽教育方面的一些過去的東西, 看到了甚麼嗎? 那畢業證書上的國旗正是現在台灣 (中華民國) 的國旗! 如果這出現在中國, 是否是會硬被改為五星旗?
This place exhibits things you\'d see in schools back in the old days. You see the one certificate with country flag? That red-blue-white flag is the current country flag used by Taiwan (a.k.a. Republic of China). That flag is not allowed to appear in China now (you might get put into a China jail for showing that flag in public) so I guess if this museum were in China, this certificate would probably have another flag.

Little stools for students. A photo spot for many adults.

到了比較現代的時代, 最後的展覽是1997 的香港回歸中國.
Coming to a closer to modern era. The last exhibit is about the return of Hong Kong to China in 1997, ending the era of British colonization.

I didn\'t realize this was a giant toothbrush \'til I looked at the packaging of it from faraway. 

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