[ Ras Al Khaimah ] Al Wadi Banyan Tree

[ 沙漠中的悅榕莊 ] Villa in the Desert (with our own swimming pool!)

The first notable hotel/resort we stayed in the emirates is the Al Wadi Banyan Tree. Banyan Tree is a brand of luxurious villa-style resort that has really established itself in Asia. This resort in the desert is definitely for... (continue reading...)

這次阿聯酋體驗之旅的重點 hotel 第一站是位在沙漠裡的艾瓦迪悅榕莊. 悅榕莊是個新加坡的頂級 villa style resort 品牌, 在大漠小路彎來的地方居然有這樣的渡假點, 隱密性絕對夠, 真的不是一般人會不小心找到的....
... 地方. 很適合想遠離人群, 有自己空間的渡假人.

.... people looking for some secluded quiet times, away from people holidays. You\'d probably never accidentally stumble upon it because it\'s not that easy to spot and it is a hide-out in a desert.

 我們的大巴一進場就撞歪了飯店的超大吊燈, 旁邊的 bell man 是在打瞌睡嗎... 
Our big bus made a grand entrance by knocking over the chandelier. I suppose the bell man by the door was probably sleeping then. lol.

一進 check-in 大廳就可感到沙漠風情.
View from outside the check-in area.

這邊的佔地真的滿大的, 所以要到飯店的哪不是要叫飯店的小電動車 (像高爾夫球場的那種), 不然就是要走很遠. 
The whole resort area is huge. So if you want to get around, you have to either call a buggy (an electric car like those on golf course), or you just have to walk a long way (& might get lost) because you only see road signs every so often.

兩人住一棟,  其實一棟也只有一層樓, 不過室內的空間是挑高的.
Each villa is for 2 people. Every villa has only one floor but the ceiling is pretty high.

之前沒看 resort 照片, 一進去就是 wow 個不行.
 We didn\'t see photos of the resort before coming here so everything that we saw was a big surprise. 

可以翻跟斗的浴室, 夢幻般的澡缸.
Super large bathroom + the wow bathtub.

Partial bathroom view.

To the bedroom!

坐的地方特多, 會讓人走到哪裡坐到哪裡.
Lots of seating area in the villa. 

還有辦公, 看電視和聽音樂的空間.
There\'s also separate room for work, TV or music.

The chandelier above the bed.

The bathrobes are very nicely designed as well.

最重要的是每間 Villa 都有自己的溫水游泳池!
Every villa has its own swimming pool (with warm water).

晚上到飯店的餐廳用餐. 當晚可選自助餐或點餐. 雖然自助餐看起來也很讚, 但我們還是比較想點餐.
Having Dinner at Al Wain Restaurant at the Resort. You could choose to have buffet or order from menu. We preferred ordering from menu so that\'s what we did.

這邊的消費是有每房包 AED 500  的晚餐消費, 我們點了很多好料還是吃不到 AED 1,000.
The dinner here was sort of included with our package (as long as your total dinner bill for per room is within 500 DHS) . We ordered lots of goodies but still didn\'t exceed 1,000 DHS.

Good morning sunshine!

早晨坐 buggy 電動車去昨晚的餐廳吃早餐.
Took the buggy (electric car) to the same restaurant for breakfast.

我覺得他們的早餐 buffet presentation 做的不錯, 每樣都看起來很可口. 而且那 muffin 還是你自己從烘烤的矽膠模取出, 超讚的啦!
I think the presentation of the food for the breakfast buffet was done quite well. Everything looked delicious. The muffins were also freshly baked and you had to take them out from the silicone mold. That was yummy.

We decided to walk back after breakfast and tried not to get lost.

What you\'d see along the way other than sand.

In the evening or early morning, you could see deers or wild goats around.

這是飯店的另一間餐廳, 但早上沒開. 這邊的建築都是大漠的顏色.
This is another hotel in the resort. It\'s closer to our villa but it\'s not open. The buildings here are all in the colour of the desert.

這些是比較大的獨門獨院 villa, 而且大部份都有人住!
These are the larger villa. Most of them are occupied as well.

早上的游泳池旁多了一些沙, 不過還是有人跳下去啦!
Our swimming pool in the morning had a bit of sand around it but it still drew someone into it. x)

Al Wadi Banyan Tree Resort
W:  http://www.banyantree.com/en/al_wadi/overview
A:  Ras Al Khaimah, U.A.E.

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