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It\'s popular for rating restaurants in Vancouver. You\'d see lots of "Best" something "Formal" or "Causal" restaurants in magazines as well. For the first dine out stop this time, we went to the famous Tojo\'s Restaurant, rated the "Best Japanese Formal".  It has... (continue reading...)

溫哥華很流行餐廳的排行榜, 雜誌上常常可以看到關於餐廳的介紹和它們的排名. 排名則以料理別區分(例如: 日本料理, 西岸料理, 義大利料理, 法式料理, 等), 還有以 style/價格定位區分正式 (formal) 和休閒些 (casual). 這次我們的在地第一炮去了溫哥華日本 Formal 餐廳排名第一的 Tojo\'s. 這間..

... 最有名的就是主廚的 menu (Omakaze), 也就是在一個價格和幾道菜間主廚幫你準備特別的料理. 這邊也有素食的 Omakaze, 但大部份的內容都是海鮮類的. 

... been on the top of the list for a while but just never managed to try it out. The famous thing here to order is the "Omakaze". It\'s a chef\'s special at a fixed price and a fixed number of dishes/courses. Basically the chef will prepare what he/she thinks is great at that price. 


Tojo\'s 給人的感覺是比較像走西式的日式料理, 而且 Omakaze 的價位每人 80 加大洋起跳.
The style of Japanese cuisine served here is a bit westernized. The famous thing to get here is the Omakaze (chef\'s specials at a fixed price), available starting from CAD 80 + tax & tips.


這邊的調酒也很有意思, 有些還滿有創意的.
The cocktails here are quite interesting as well. A lot are a bit of a mix of the east and the west.


我們點的 Tojotini (透明), Samurai (紅)  & Sake Lemonade (黃). Tojotini 是 Japanese martini, sake & shochu vodka. 聽起來就是很厲害吧. Samurai 看起來也是超酷的, 它是比較偏 fruity 一點的調酒, 再來我的 Sake Lemonade 就比較屬於 Lemonade + sake 的那種, 還滿清爽 & light.
We ordered Tojotini (clear), Samurai (red) & Sake Lemonade (yellow). Tojotini is a mix of Japanese martini, sake & shochu vodka. Samurai is more fruity and the sake lemonade is pretty refreshing.


我的 Sake Lemonade還滿不錯的, 裡面的冰塊好像還有金箔呢! 
There\'s tiny gold leaves in the ice of my sake lemonade!


我們的 Omakaze 5 dishes. 許多料理都是用鮪魚和鮭魚.
The 5 dishes of our omakaze. Lots of them are tuna or salmon.


 這個是 tuna 外面炸得像天婦羅, 裡面還是生的. 另外這是螃蟹和白蘿蔔絲.
 The outer layer of the tuna is fried like a tempura while the centre remains raw. The other one is crab meat with raddish.


最後一道就是一盤壽司, 左邊的那盤是有甜蝦 (生) 的壽司. 如果有不吃甚麼生的, 可在點餐時和服務員說.
The last dish is a roll of different kinds of sushi. The plate to the left contains ami ebi (sweet raw shrimp). If you don\'t want to eat certain things raw, you should tell them beforehand.


The desert is a delicious sesame penne cotta.


The doors to the restaurant is filled with stickers showing all the different kinds of awards/honorable mentions this restaurant has received.


Tojo\'s 在 West Broadway 的一個很不起眼的路邊. 外面看起來很低調 & 好像很小, 但裡面空間還滿寬敞和大.
Tojo\'s is located on West Broadway. Not very noticeable unless you\'re looking for it. It looks pretty low-key and small from outside. But it\'s pretty big inside.

Tojo\'s Restaurant
A: 1133 West Broadway, Vancouver
W: http://www.tojos.com/Home.html


出了門的路上可以遠眺 downtown 的燈火, 這次很感謝好友帶我去這間餐廳啦!:DD

From the street, we could see downtown Vancouver in the distance. What follows my days in Vancouver would be a series of harp lectures and concerts!

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