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I wrote a post on Warwick last year around the same time when I visited for the same reason. Things have been a bit different since then and where we went this time in our... (continue reading..)

去年的這個時候其實就有寫過一篇關於 Warwick 的, 只不過那時是放在 England Dine Out, etc.  下, 合併了 Warwick 城鎮的介紹和一間特色餐廳. 這次因同樣的原因到了 Warwick, 也看到了這個城鎮的比較...
... 古老的那一面. 許多故事, 許多只有當地人才知道的地方. 英國除了大的城市如倫敦這類, 其他幾乎都是小鎮居多, 而這些小鎮也多多少少保有了當地特色.

.... spare time from the very tight biz schedule was also quite different as well (more historical). England is filled with lots of small cities or towns like this and most managed to keep parts of its long history or heritage and share with others.

這次又是住這間 Warwick Arms Hotel. 房子老, 地面都不平了, 所以也別指望會有電梯, 行李通通自己搬上樓, 因為它 bellman 也沒有.
This time, we stayed at the historic Warwick Arms Hotel on the High Street again. It\'s a old building so the floor can be a bit... interesting (not flat) and there\'s no lift/elevator. So we get to exercise again.


來吧, 英式早餐. 大部份都是正常班底, 不過那英式豬血糕那塊實在是說不出的怪. CNN 幾年前的 poll 把世界上最噁心的食物投給了台灣的豬血糕, 真的只能說那些人真是無知, 這世界上除了北美的人不吃內臟和奇怪的動物, 昆蟲或海鮮外, 幾乎沒剩下甚麼其他國了. 照這樣說, 法國的鵝肝醬不是也超噁, 把鴨硬餵到肥到死, 在把牠腫的幾N倍大的肝拿出來當高級料理. 

So.. English breakfast! Most of the items on here are pretty standard (what you\'d see on most English breakfast plates). But the taste of that black pudding (blood cake) was a bit strange. I remember a poll on CNN some years ago gave the first place of the most disgusting food in the world to the pig blood cake in Taiwan. Honestly, pig blood cake is just like the blood pudding except some, if not many, would agree the taste is better. The point I want to make is that some people out there on some continent can be so ignorant because they\'re basically almost the last group of human beings on earth who get disgusted at the sight of almost all kinds of strange foreign food & over-reacts. & This aversion may or may not be limited to animal\'s internal organs or other body parts, strange animals, insects or seafood.  So if pig blood cake or blood cake in general were disgusting, then foie gras must be one of the most disgusting things on earth as well (basically people force fatty food down the duck\'s throat until its livers expands by so much that it dies and they people take the liver out , cut it to small pieces and make it into some expensive dish). But why didn\'t that get the first place or the second place on the CNN poll?


Warwick Castle 的外牆看起來還是滿像中世紀的城堡.
The outer appearance of the Warwick Castle still very much looks like a medieval castle.


Warwick 城堡一個沒有人的早晨.. 因為我們 7 點多就在那邊上工了.
The only time I managed to take a photo of the Warwick Castle without all the crowds of people in my photo. But I took this when it was like 7 something in the morning and we were already out in the field, starting our first training of the day.


看那飛上城牆的孔雀. 城堡裡的孔雀像廣場的鴿子是放任牠到處走.
The peacock on the castle wall (it flew up there from below). The peacocks are not caged and could go wherever they want.


在城堡工作的那幾天, 中午有短暫時間可以出來透透氣和看城堡, 但到了第二天中午才看到原來可以進城堡. 而且裡面的擺飾還有故事性啊..
We had some free time during lunch time to see the other parts of the castle and get some fresh air. But we didn\'t manage to go into the castle until the 2nd day. Didn\'t realize there was so many "exhibits" inside the castle.


進去的這個展示主題是 "Royal Wedding Party Scandals". 真是醒目的標題啊... 其實 Warwick 城堡下面還有個 "地牢", 就是有點像鬼屋的主題樂園,鬼屋的內容當然就是以 Warwick 當地的幾百年下來的鬼故事為主. 那個比較沒倫敦的那個聽起來有意思.
The exhibition we went into was the "Royal Wedding Party Scandals". Some catchy name... Actually there\'s a "dungeon" in the castle as well where you can experience some hundreds of years of ghost stories in Warwick. 


Can you tell which is the real person?


I guess this gives you the answer.


I thought the design and colour of this bed looks pretty dreamy.


These wax figures and room exhibits are telling the "scandals" or "not-to-be-mentioned" stories of the upper class.


The river flowing by the castle.


這是其中一個晚上在 Warwick Council House 樓上用餐的地方.
在這鎮上, 其實還有個像電影祕密組織的組織聚會地方, 一般情況是絕不開放的, 而且成員的背景都是保密, 所以這個就不方便在這 post 啦. 
This is the Warwick Council House - where we spent one evening here with the other participants.


經過了一個多星期, 終於可以回家啦...
After a long week, it was finally time to go home...

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