[ Vancouver Street Food] The Japadog


[ 溫哥華的日式熱狗攤 ] 

In downtown Vancouver, there are hot dog stands that sell Japanese-style of hot dog and that is actually quite popular here. I have always hard of it but never tried it so since there... (continue reading..

熱狗攤不是只有在紐約的街頭才看得到, 在溫哥華下城 (downtown Vancouver) 也是有很多這樣的攤子, 不過最有名應該是這個日式熱狗的攤. 這個熱狗攤幾年下來在溫哥華街上闖出名氣, 還...... 開了許多 "分店" 和實體的店面. 這次我就在離我們最近的 Japadog Stand (Burrad & Smithe 交叉口) 試試看這個許多人都知道的特殊熱狗攤位.

... was a stand near the congress venue (corner of Burrad & Smithe) , might as well give it a try!! :D



日式熱狗上的不同風味. 可以多付幾元選有飲料和零食的 combo.
All the different flavours or "toppings" you can get on the hot dog. You can also get a combo with some snacks (chips) and a pop.


還有這個很誇張的炒麵熱狗, 這個吃下去一定很撐吧...
There\'s also a fried noodle (or maybe terikayki noodle) hot dog. It looks pretty filling...


So apparently many celebrities have tried this here.


要看它的熱狗裡面到底加了甚麼料, 其實可以看它的 menu, 還滿詳細了 ( i mean.. it\'s pretty straightforward eh), menu 可以看這: http://www.japadog.com/menu/index.html
What are the toppings on these hotdogs? It\'s actually pretty straightforward and you can see on the menu there or on their website: http://www.japadog.com/menu/index.html


我們點的 Japadog. 左邊的是 Beef Terimayo & 右邊的是 Okonomi. Terimayo 應該就是 teriyaki 醬 + 美乃茲吧.  Okonomi 就是 Okonomi 醬 + 美乃茲 + bonito 片 (章魚燒上面撒的那個會飄飄的東西).
What we ordered. The one to the left is the Beef Terimayo and the one to the right is the Okonomi. The Terimayo is probably terikyaki sauce + mayo. & The other one is Okonomi sauce + mayo + some bonito flakes.

Japadog Vancouver
Official Website: http://www.japadog.com/en/